Working in collaboration with talkhealth Partnership and the NHS

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DEP Ltd have been involved in a developing a brand new initiative, a collaborative project on wound care patient support programme with Talk Health Partnership and the NHS.

The on-line Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) offer anyone with a healthcare conditon the chance to receive free online information, support and advice that it is specific to the condition. On the programme a weekly email will provide you with a link to new downloadable information such as hints and tips, lifestyle advice and up to date information from experts. The information creates a self-management programme, designed to enable people to better manage conditions and symptoms more effectively as well as improving your quality of life:

Wound care is of the utmost importance following a burn, surgery or injury to limit the chance of infection and preserve the skins function. Further to the advice a medical professional will provide following an injury or burn, self-management techniques are important to help you take control of your health.

The talkhealth Wound Care Patient Support Programme (PSPs) is suitable for all those who are living with wounds, whether developed due to recent injury or or for someone managing your wound for some time, and the carers of someone who has a healing wound.

The My Wound PSP is unique as it will additionally be piloted by the NHS, with the aim of improving wound care post discharge from hospital.

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